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BRAD CARLTON - Brad Carlton, the guitarist who gives new meaning to the word versatility, is your host for CAGED Cracked, where he breaks down the concepts earned from years of study into a system that gives structure to improvisation.

Brad Carlton, who has been teaching and leading his own bands for more than 20 years, is widely recognized for his versatility and musicianship. He can brilliantly performs an extensive lesson on Eddie Van Halen licks, an exploration of London blues, along with interpretations of Vernon Reid, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Mike Stern and even classical guitar.

If you’ve been looking for a way to open up your improvisations and expand your knowledge of the fretboard, CAGED Cracked is the key to unlock the potential of both you and your guitar.

frankvignolaFRANK VIGNOLA - Frank Vignola is one of the most multi-dimensional artists in the industry. A monster player and composer, Frank’s work with everyone from Les Paul to Donald Fagen make him the perfect guide for this trip.

Your Inversion Excursion guide is Frank Vignola. Frank is one of the most accomplished, multi-dimensional artists in the biz. Monster player, composer and improviser, Frank’s played with everyone from Les Paul to Donald Fagen. Frank’s pedigree is a mile long and a quick Google will illustrate why there’s no one better qualified to take you on this trip.

Inversion Excursion is a must-have for any guitarist who has ever been in a rut when comping behind a soloist or vocalist, providing all of the tools to keep your rhythmic ideas fresh for years to come.

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laddsmithLADD SMITH -  Ladd Smith, winner of Guitar Player magazine’s Guitar Superstar 2007 honors, delivers an extraordinary learning experience covering a variety of essential grooves, moves and techniques needed to perform and record on the Nashville scene.

Your Monster Nashville tour guide and mentor for this journey is Ladd Smith, a bonafide young master of the Nashville six string scene. Ladd won Guitar Player magazine’s Guitar Superstar 2007, which was judged by Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather, Nuno Bettencourt, Elliot Easton, Greg Howe, and Mike Varney. Ladd is a monster player, veteran singer/songwriter, experienced performer and an extremely effective instructor.

Whether or not you aspire to be a Nashville player, Monster Nashville Guitar is a bottomless resource for players of any style, providing ample instruction to feed your grey matter for a lifetime.

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murielandersonMURIEL ANDERSON - Muriel Anderson, world-renowned fingerstyle guitarist and composer, offers an intimate look into the theory and techniques needed to master this guitar style, enhancing not only performance but composition and arranging chops as well.

Muriel Anderson, world class guitarist and composer, presents Innovations for Acoustic Guitar, an intensive study program designed for intermediate and advanced students of fingerstyle guitar. Anderson's educational pedigree includes classical training at DePaul University and intensive study with classical virtuoso Christopher Parkening and Nashville legend Chet Atkins. Muriel is also the first woman to have won the National Finger Picking Guitar Championship and today travels the globe performing original compositions and displaying impeccable technique to standing-room-only audiences.

For intermediate to advanced fingerstyle players who are looking to take the next step with their playing, Innovations for Acoustic Guitar is an invaluable glimpse behind a phenomenal talent.

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stuhammSTU HAMM - Stu Hamm, bass player extraordinaire, has been the bassist of choice to lay down the low-end for virtuoso guitarists while he continually hones his jaw-dropping chops through countless sessions and solo albums.

Stu Hamm, bass player extraordinaire, first came to prominence after playing on Steve Vai’s Flex-Able disc. Going on to become the bassist of choice to lay down the low-end for virtuoso guitarists like Frank Gambale and Joe Satriani, Stu has continued to hone his already considerable chops, both on stage and in the studio. Fortunately, Stu’s teaching skills match his musicianship, giving you a rare opportunity to learn from one of the very best bassists on the planet.

Never before has a bassist of this caliber shared the knowledge to give aspiring bassists the benefit of years of experience. If you are serious about learning and want to enjoy each step along the journey, let Bass Basics be your guide.

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treyalexanderTREY ALEXANDER - Trey Alexander, winner of the Guitar Player’s 2006 Guitar Superstar award, offers you a glimpse into the blazing techniques and high-level concepts earned through years of intensive study and tenacious dedication to his craft.

Your Atomic Rock instructor is Trey Alexander, Guitar Player Magazine's Guitar Superstar. “Possessing all of the qualities generally associated with the modern day guitar hero and demonstrating them with a level of maturity far beyond his years, Trey is the type of musician who is destined to have a significant impact on the guitar community,” says Greg Howe. Joe Satriani agrees that, “we’ll be hearing great things from him!” Guitar Player editor Jude Gold raves about Trey’s “astonishing focus, devotion, and versatility.” Best of all for we students of Atomic Rock, Trey is a natural educator with potent communication skills.

If you are an intermediate-to-advanced rock guitarist tired of the same old licks, looking to enhance your performance, let Atomic Rock Guitar raise you up to the next level of musicianship.

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