Designed to motivate and inspire students, Guitar Sherpa's innovative learning systems employ a hands-on, contextual format. Students "play" their way through Guitar Sherpa curriculum rather than working through tedious examples and exercises.

Depending on the particular Guitar Sherpa course you work with, your learning tools may include PIP video, text guides, practice rhythm tracks, tab, standard notation and interactive Power Tab software to play along with lesson tab and notation, at any tempo, without effecting pitch. Your Guitar Sherpa DVD includes a secure PIN for downloading the free Guitar Sherpa Learning Tool Kit.

Guitar Sherpa's instructors are the industry's brightest stars in performance and education, each uniquely qualified to serve as your guide on your journey to become a better guitar player and more competent musician. Visit for more information about Guitar Sherpa instructors and a full listing of Guitar Sherpa titles.

Practice smart. Play hard.